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Officially Unofficial
This website is intended for fans of Marcus Gilbert. It is completely unofficial and not sponsored by the actor. Any views expressed are those of the site owner and/or the site's visitors except that text in green is written by Marcus himself.

Marcus on Early Screenings
Marcus on Adverts

An Ideal Husband
For King and Country
The Pleasure Principle
What the Butler Saw
Starry starry night

Belvoir Castle
Burghley House
Wrotham Park

Nescafe Gold Blend
Lee Jeans

A Hazard of Hearts
Ghost in Monte Carlo
Jonathan Creek
Sherlock Holmes
Rambo III
Robin of Sherwood

In the Press
A Hazard of Hearts
An Ideal Husband
DWM Battlefield
DVD Times - Battlefield


Films for sale
Marcus on eBay



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Films for sale
Click the title and format you are interested in to see it offered for sale. Please note that sales are external to this site and we can accept no responsibility for any problems with either the purchase process or the product bought. These links are offered as a service to fansite visitors and do not in any way constitute a contract between this site's owners and visitors to the fansite.

For UK & Europe, use this link to buy your favourite BBC programmes on DVD at BBC Shop.com

Buy films on Amazon - each link below takes you to the Amazon listing for that title.

DVD - A Ghost in Monte Carlo (Region 2 format)

DVD - A Hazard of Hearts (Region 2 format)

DVD - Army of Darkness - Evil Dead 3 (Region 1 format)

DVD - Army of Darkness - Evil Dead 3 (Region 2 format)

DVD - Biggles, Adventures in Time (Region 1 format)

DVD - Biggles, Adventure in Time (Region 2 format)

DVD - Jilly Cooper's Riders (Region 1 format)

DVD - Legacy: A Mormon Journey (Region 1 format)

DVD - Jilly Cooper's Riders (Region 2 format)

DVD - Jonathan Creek - Series 1 And 2 (Region 2 format)

DVD - Rambo III (Region 1 format)

DVD - Robin of Sherwood (series 2) incl. The Swords of Wayland (Region 2 format)

DVD - Tennis Court - Hammer House of Mystery & Suspense vol 1 (Region 2 format)

DVD - The Weather in the Streets (Region 1 format)

VHS - A Ghost in Monte Carlo (PAL format)

VHS - A Hazard of Hearts (PAL format)

VHS - A Ghost in Monte Carlo/A Hazard of Hearts (PAL format)

VHS - Army of Darkness, Evil Dead 3 (PAL format)

VHS - Biggles, Adventure in Time (PAL format)

VHS - Dr Who - Battlefield (PAL format)

VHS - Jilly Cooper's Riders (PAL format)

VHS - Jonathan Creek - Series 1 And 2 (PAL format)

VHS - Master of the Game (PAL format)

VHS - Robin of Sherwood (series 2) incl. The Swords of Wayland (PAL format)

VHS - Sherlock Holmes & The Masks of Death (PAL format)

VHS - Woman of the Wolf (probably NTSC format)

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'Shall I make you fall in love with me Serena; are you afraid of love or merely of me?' - Lord Vulcan, A Hazard of Hearts
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Missing British girl Madeleine McCann

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